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Bare or tinned copper, .031 in. PVC insulated. 80C oil, 60C moisture resistant. For the use in electrical appliances or electronic devices operating at 600V or less. Rated 2500V peak for electronic use only

PVC Insulated 600 V UL AWM STYLE 1015,1032,1230 1/32 Wall

Bare or tinned copper, .016 in. PVC insulated. Rated 600V peak for electronic circuits. 80C oil. For internal wiring of appliances in circuits operating at 300V or less, where not subjected to mechanical damage.

PVC Insulated 300V UL AWM STYLE 1007, 1569 1/64 Wall

Bare or tinned copper, .009 in. Semi-rigid PVC insulation, .003 in. Nylon jacket. For internal wiring of appliances and devices. Nylon provides additional physical toughness and solvent resistance.

PVC Insulated, Nylon Jacket 300V UL AWM STYLE 1001 .010 wall, .003 Jacket

Solid or stranded, tinned or bare copper, PVC insulated with nylon jacket, similar to style THHN. Designed as appliance wire only, to be used as a component in the manufacturing of UL Listed, or CSA certified electronic devices or electrical appliances. Rated 105C @ 600V dry or 90C @ 1000V. 80C oil, 60C where exposed to moisture. Gasoline resistant.

PVC Insulated, Nylon Jacked 600V UL STYLE 1316,1408,1452

Bare or tinned copper, .009 in. Semi-Rigid PVC insulated. For internal wiring of electronic or electrical equipment within a chassis, or protected from mechanical injury.

Semi-Rigid PVC Insulated 300V UL STYLE 1061 .010 Wall

Appliance Wire


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